Your Leadership Matters

So, how did this Virtual TILT 2020 Weekend work? (this is based on Pacific Standard Time)

We came into your Room LIVE and in September, we’ll be doing the same. You’ll be joining us from whichever room in the home you like!

You’ll receive a day schedule with the series of topics. You will receive links to access EVERYTHING prior to the event date to email address on file, including…

This is what Happened last September 2020

FRIDAY, 09.18.20 - 5:00p - 7:00p PST | The Kick Off!

5:00p – Breakout Room Hubs for small group discussions focused on life and leadership
5:40p – Stretch It Out!
5:50p – Keynote Session #1 + Q&A

SATURDAY, 09.19.20 – 8:40a – 5:00p PST

Set It Off!

8:40a – 10 minute Workout with Nasara Gargonnu
9:00a – Keynote Session #2 – #4 + Q&A
12:00p – Grab Your Lunch
12:15p – Male Leadership Panel
​1:15p – Keynote Session #5 -7 + Q&A

10:00a – Separate Breakout Rooms – The LIST Legacy for the young entrepreneur ages 16 to 21 to receive lessons on leadership, creativity, and ownership

Actionable Content and Inspiration

Every year, for the last 6 years, hundreds of the world’s smartest leaders and entrepreneurs have descended upon San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Lagos, Nigeria to get cultural clarity on their purposeful gift, team building and skills development. Now, it’s your turn.

This day and eve are filled with a 360 degree view on how to run your business and/or organization through the following:

  • Culture, Communication & Trust
  • Creating Organizational Clarity
  • Driving Results
  • Growing People
  • Managing a Crisis
  • Leaders & Motivation
  • Looking After Your Mental Health
  • Getting Rid of Financial Stress
  • Finding Your [Super] Power
  • Funding for Entrepreneurs

….By the time you’re finished with this conference,

You’ll know the levels of leadership, how to communicate with clarity to motivate your team, and have the process for growing your people so they can become the best version of themselves

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